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Smart Phone Controller

Now you can control your phone remotely, connect Smart Phone Controller 
via Bluetooth to your phone, install CheatSheet app and control your text documents, images, and folders of your mobile phone. You can place the controller on your chest and Just touch to change the page or folder. Check more info for this technology

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Smart Phone Controller

We all been there we try to use our phone in an exam, but it was always clumsy, hard to scroll your notes and hard to hide your phone.

What if there is a way to control your phone notes remotely without touching it and without being suspicious.

Now, 24kupi has the solution for you!
Introducing the Revolutionary Smart Phone Controller!

Smart Phone Controller is designed to be hidden from others.
So you won't be suspicious, just hide it under your shirt, and place it on your chest.

The controller comes with the adjustable elastic band so it easy and comfortable to wear.

So how does it work?
With the controller, you will get full License for the Chuleteitor APP which you will install on your phone.

After that just connect via Bluetooth the controller and the phone, and you are ready to remotely control your phone without touching it.

The controller has five buttons by which you can easily control the functions on the app.

The Chuleteitor APP allows you to store and organize your text notes, files, and pictures, with the adjustable text size, brightness, emergency button and many more options you will be able to copy your notes from the phone like a PRO.

You can download the FREE version of the app here to test it before buying.

So now the only question is where I can hide my phone?
Don't worry we got you covered there as well.
With the controller, you will get a free antispy 360º filter.
Just store your mobile phone in a case, folder, backpack or notebook and with a 360º anti-spy magic filter label It will not be visible to others only to you at a certain angle.

There is also included one more antispy 360º filter for fabric so that you can hide your phone even in your clothes, case or backpack.


Keep your mobile phone in a pocket in dark pants, preferably black, and for this, you must cut the outside of your pants and cover the hole with a label antispy in that area. In this way, only you can see the documents and images displayed on the phone since the magic label does not allow anyone to see 360 degrees around you.

And also the most simple and easy way to hide it is on your chair, between your legs. With the simple gesture of closing your legs, you will hide your mobile.
Also, the APP includes the function of displaying the text area at the top of the screen, so when you open your legs slightly, you can see the top of your smartphone, and your notes clearly.

What does this product include?
• Smart Phone Controller 
• elastic chest strap with a device holder.
• A license that activates the PRO-RXO version of the Chuleteitor APP for Android *
• Spectral filter antispy 360º, to stick in a case, folder or notebook.
• Spectral filter antispy 360º, to rivet on fabric (in your clothes, case or backpack).
Includes CR2016 long-life button battery (3-4 Days of continuous use)


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