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Unique Watch

cheating  Watch , first watch for easy studying

This Watch is unique.

It has specially programmed software that offers special functions.

EMERGENCY Button is one of special function that makes this watch unique.


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cheating watch with Emergency Button

How does it work?
Simply, when you are in text and the teacher comes you just press the EMERGENCY Button, it automatically gets out of text, and locks in to a clock mode and blocks all other buttons. To unlock it you need a special combination of buttons.


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4 GB Memory

Watch has memory of 4GB you can add endless text for your exams and tests

It has 4 Gigabytes of integrated memory. It can also be used as a USB stick.

It can store text, pictures, mp3, video, audio.

You can put more text than what’s in the entire library.


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Excellent visibility of text

the 24kupi cheating watch if offering you clean and clear view of text
Our watch offers high quality view of text, you can see every letter perfectly.
You can add as much text you want, and sort it in chapters so you can easly find your answers.
Also we have a unique option for auto scrolling text.
It supports only notepad files (txt).


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Easy to use

24kupi cheating watch is very easy to use and user friendly
Our watch is very easy to use.
It comes with manuals in english and it works like a plug and play system.
Works on Windows.


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Watch Features

size of the first watch fore easy studying

This watch offers more than you can imagine. Here are some features:

  • Music
  • Video
  • Recorder
  • FM Radio
  • Pictures
  • Settings
  • Text
  • Calendar
  • Advance settings for Auto scrolling text
  • and many more ……

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Connection With Mini Wireless Earpiece

Mini wireless earpiece
Our watch supports Connection With Mini Wireless Earpiece.
Watch has 2.5 inch plug, which allows our special Mini Wireless Earpiece Antenna to connect to the watch with a 2.5 inch jack.
We also offer the 24Kupi Mini Wireless Earpiece. It is specialy designed by us and compatible for our watch and also for all other mobile phones.
You can buy our 24Kupi Mini Wireless Earpiecepeace in the following link
Our buy our 24Kupi package.


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Package includes:

Cheating watch in the package box


  • 1x Watch
  • 1x Adapter
  • 1x USB cable for data transfer and charging
  • 1x Instructions, In English
  • 1x Color box
  • 1xHeadphones

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students on exam


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