Mini Wireless Earpiece Bluetooth

Mini Wireless Earpiece Bluetooth

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Mini Wireless Earpiece GSM

Reliable and easy-to-use tool for passing exams!

- high quality
- clear and powerful sound
- strong and stable signal
- no need for Bluetooth or an extra phone

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Our awesome Mini Earpiece with GSM Neck Loop will make passing an exam a piece of cake! Guaranteed!



Without doubt, our high quality earpiece is the best on the market - strong signal and clear sound guaranteed!



How to use it?


Super easy to use!

It takes only 3 simple steps:

1) insert a SIM  card into GSM loop
2) put the earpiece in your ear
3) place the GSM loop around your neck and under the shirt

Now, you just need to tell your friend to call you and the GSM loop will automatically pick up your friend's call. And that's all!

Simple, isn't it? :)



- no need for a Bluetooth set, just the earpiece 
- audio power 4.5W
- long distance reach between the GSM loop and earpiece ~40cm  
- 850/900/1800/1900 MHz 
- 950Mah battery~5 - 6 hour working time 
- volume control 
- integrated microphone
- SOS calls

Package includes:

1 x GSM Neck loop
1 x mini earpiece
2 x battery 337





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