UV Pen with Invisible Ink

UV Pen with Invisible Ink

Mini Wireless Earpiece Loop

Super simple and useful tool for passing exams!

- high quality 
- clear and powerful sound
- strong and stable signal

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Our Mini  Earpiece is the best on the market. Its high quality guarantees a clear and powerful  sound

In this upgraded version we have significantly improved the signal, making it much stronger and more stable.  



How it works? Very simple. 

You simply connect it to our watch  or to any phone that has 2.5 or 3.5 audio plug by a thin cable. 

The earpiece comes with a loop that serves as an antenna for the wireless signal.



How to use Mini Wireless Earpiece with the watch?

1) save an audio file (it supports mp3 files) on the watch
2) place the loop around your neck and under the shirt 
3) connect the cable to the loop and your watch (you can put the cable through your sleeve)


How to use it with the phone ?

It's even easier - just connect your phone to the loop and call your friend.

You can hide your phone in the pocket and hear your friend telling you the answers through the earpiece in your ear. 




- mini wireless earpiece receives signal by inductive coil, across electromagnetic fields
- receiving distance: ~50 - 70 cm
- standard Zinc-air battery type SONY 337
- battery life: about 5 hours
- audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz
- distortion: <2%
- size: 3x5x7mm
- weight: 0.8g (battery included)
- working frequency: all frequencies
- distance between inductive coil and Mini wireless earpiece: ~70-100 cm

Package includes:

1x Mini Wireless Earpiece
1 x Loop Antena
1 x Sony Battery



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