Eyeglasses for Invisible Watch

Eyeglasses for Invisible Watch

Smart Phone Controller

Smart Phone Controller

Light Watch

Maximum discretion guaranteed! Leather strap and super slim.
Supports PDF, WORD, TXT, scanned documents as well, and JPG, BMP and JPEG images.
Magic display nonshiny, emergency button, manual and automatic feed.

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24kupi presents the rxo Light Watch.

Now you can have maximum disguise since the watch looks like a regular classic watch.

The watch is ultra thin so no one can suspect that it hides your secret notes inside.

There is also 360-degree anty spy filter, so no one around will be able to see your notes except you.

And for maximum security, there is also an Emergency button which will get out of your notes, lock the watch and display the clock mode.

If you want to pass your exam with style and without any stress, this is the solution for you.

The watch can display WORD, PDF, TXT, JPG, BMP, and JPEG and even scanned documents, which you can convert by special software and transfer it to the watch.

The light watch supports more than 5000 documents more than 2000 A4 text pages and Over 1500 images. So you will never run out of the space.

The screen displays a back background with the sharp letter size, you will be able to see your notes clearly, and the watch can Display all kinds of symbols and unlimited scientific formulas. Display of over 3000-pixel resolution.

Never worry again about the battery life, the light watch can last more than 2 weeks without recharging.

Included Accessories:

  • -RXO Vintage Software Manual 
  • -Mini CD-Rom with drivers and software.
  •  -USB cable for data transfer.


  • -Watch also accepts the Latin alphabet and as an option, Cyrillic alphabet (if you need Cyrillic alphabet, let to know us when you make your order, and we will install Cyrillic alphabet)
  • -The Light watch works only with Windows OS.
  • -This watch accepts pdf, word and jpg files which you transfer by RXO vintage software which is included in the package
  • -This watch doesn't work like pen-drive, as you know when you insert pend-drive into PC it opens one window showing files or folders of pen-drive.
  • -This watch needs to transfer files using "Software "

The pdf or word files must be pdf with texts, (not with pictures or one scanned document) because the watch will only show texts and will delete pictures and the display will show empty zones. Ok?

How can I view pictures, easily: send a picture or scanned a document in jpg to watch using "Software " The pictures will be shown in black and white color.

How can I delete files? easily: open software and old files will be deleted when you transfer new files.

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