Eyeglasses for Invisible Watch

Eyeglasses for Invisible Watch

4G hotspot Router  for wifi camera

4G hotspot Router for wifi camera

Hidden Pencil box

Traperent pencil case 


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Hidden Pencil box

Did you ever wish you can look at your notes in front of you, but without anyone noticing it?

Now, 24kupi.com has the most affordable and straightforward solution for you.

Introducing Hidden Pencil box.

24kupi Pencil box is made of transparent colorful plastic.

From a distance, it looks like any other regular Pencil box,

but once is close to your eyesight you can see thru it

 and hide your notes inside,

your notes will not be noticeable to others since they will camouflage with your items inside the pencil box.

And if someone gets suspicious, just turn it on the side.

Keep it simple and see your answers in front of you

available only on 24kupi.com

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